Really…Another Beer Day

By Glenn DeLuca


Recently I saw some notices that August 7th is National IPA Day. That’s a new one
on me, not that I don’t love IPAs, just that I didn’t know they now had their own day.
Did Hallmark create another holiday; should I be running to the store to buy silly
greeting cards for all my beer geek and non-geek friends??

We’ve got other long standing and traditional holidays that are not per say for beer
specifically but have a very close association; i.e. St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de
Mayo, where the plan is to go out and drink beer. But as the craft beer industry
grows I’m starting to see more of these and to be perfectly honest don’t
understand why.

When in doubt, Google, and there it is, a calendar of beer dates in 2015. Looks like
I missed Beer Can Appreciation Day January 24th.  I always appreciate a can of
beer…when it’s full and mine. I also missed International Women’s Collaboration
Brew Day on March 8th. Looks like it started last year and is basically a world-wide
event to aid in raising the profile of women in the industry and to raise the profile of
the beer to women. When I go to the store I see lots of labels with women on them,
but somehow I’m guessing that’s not the profile they intend to be raising.

Then there is March 27th, Michael Jackson’s Birthday.  Certainly a knowledgeable
and influential person who helped us become more distinguishing about our beer.
Better than a card, you need to order some Michael “Beer Hunter” Jackson beer
glassware to drink out of on this day.

Then of course there’s April 6th, New Beer’s Eve and more importantly April 7th
National Beer Day, the first day back in 1933 when we could “legally” drink beer
again. Having been born decades later Prohibition seems like it was a very foolish
thing, but it’s always important to understand the context of the time. Ken Burns’
documentary on Prohibition was very enlightening as to how and why a temperance
movement could grow as strong as it did and actually get legislation passed. As is
usually the case the “all or nothing” approach doesn’t work as expected or intended.
I also see April 7, 2015 was designated Session Beer Day.  Seems the Session Beer
Project, which appears to be a Facebook page, co-opted National Beer Day for their
own interest.

Then we have April 11th, King Gambrinus Day, who? Well, according to Wiki, he is a
legendary European culture hero celebrated as an icon of beer, brewing and
joviality; considered by many to be the patron saint of beer. And yes there are
statues of him/his likeness in Germany as well as Baltimore, Ohio and where else,
Wisconsin. Seems many of our early 20th century American brewers have a
fondness for the big guy also.

Moving right along to May 3rd, we have National Homebrew Day, which was created
in 1988. The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) created AHA Big Brew as
an annual event to celebrate National Homebrew Day.

Then in the middle of May we have American Craft Beer Week sponsored by the
Brewers Association. So they have a Facebook page, create a logo, have a lot of
downloadable material and encourage local breweries and bars/restaurants to hold

I shouldn’t even dignify St Arnold’s Day on July 18th, as a Texas brewery took the
name, so they can have their own day. Their description doesn’t match what I see in
Wiki, so not sure if there are two of these saints or we’re really not sure how he’s
related to beer and I’m not willing to spend more time looking.

We’re up to where we started which is National IPA Day, the first Friday in August,
although it’s also listed as International Beer Day which began in the western US in
2007.  Yes I think we have another case of “redefinition”, horning in on, borrowing,
co-option, call it what you may.

And I could keep going, but do you really want to know about each of these….
Sour Beer Day        September 13th    (leaves a sour taste in my mouth…sorry
couldn’t resist…)
Drink Beer Day -  September 28th
American Beer Day -   October 27th
Learn to Homebrew Day -  November 7th
International Stout Day -   November 8th
Repeal Day  -  December 5th
National Lager Day  - December 10th
And I’m sure if I find another calendar from another source there will be some others.

So what’s the point of all this, to entice me to drink more beer more often. Seriously.  
As a craft beer drinker I’m not 12 and I don’t live in Disneyland. Why do I need a
fake holiday as an excuse is at this point so totally ridiculous.  There are so many
breweries now and more opening every day that I’ll never be able to keep up. And I
don’t even need to go looking for them as there are tons of bars, many with a good
selection of constantly rotating drafts so there is plenty of out there close by. Not to
mention there are mug clubs, MBA programs, tap takeovers and beer festivals
where I can sample more than my taste buds can handle. I’m sure many
bars/restaurants feel like they need to do something when there’s a “Day” to make
sure their customers feel appreciated.

I know some will say well it’s good to keep it at the forefront in people’s minds, give
craft brewers some recognition and maybe you’ll even get a convert on one of those
days. Well really all the brewers need to do is keep making great beers and the
bars/restaurants continue to serve them; I think that’s probably good enough for
most of the serious craft beer drinkers.

Glenn DeLuca writes about beer and culture of drinking. He may
be reached by writing

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